The truth about the Maricopa audit 'results' the TV fake news media won't tell you!

Those who are truly seeking the truth need to search for the latest/newest results for search term "Maricopa" here...

It's apparently genius level shit these days to figure out that election cheats cover their bases, tracks, and expect such cunning attacks as recounts and audits! 

The volomulous amounts of signed affidavit accounts of malfeasance are largely being left uninvestigated. The blue ribbon panel level of expert testimony and accompanying white papers alleging impossible statistical and logistical anamolies remains largely indisputed, even while being nearly wholly unrefuted.

The odd and criminally suspicious behavior and breaking of protocol and historical norms, that raise all previous known red flags, are dismissed out of hand. Precedent is normally hesitant to break apart at such an alarming rate, based simply on faith, that things are AOK.

Especially by way of the very partisans that correctly saw fraud before with Bush V Gore, beyond, and before. They now suddenly lay their credibility down on the floor?! Because what this country needs is failure dictator Biden more than before, because of the bad man that is orange?

Discraceful, blatant, and unforgivable, absent sweeping reform, return to norms, and scorn that results in being a future thorn in the side of all of those who from these embarrassing excuses have been born and proudly worn. 

The thinly veiled "ends justify the means" illuminati-esque excuse is abhorrent!!!!!!!

As the truth continues to seep, every leak, is another upstanding citizen who regardless of even fervent ideology won't stand for it!   

So please dig deep true liberals and support this work. Do it because you know the truth deep down and above all else, an illigitimate POTUS is the biggest thing you cannot fundamentally lend your support. Not, and still be with, a clear conscience moving forward.

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