5 Senate Seats Were STOLEN from Republican Party in 2020 Elections, Claims Keshel at Cyber Symposium

The Republican Party should have a 55-45 control of the United States Senate.

This is the claim that was made during Mike Lindell’s highly-anticipated Cyber Symposium.

Of course, the current numbers in the Senate are 50-50.

But according to election’s expert Seth Keshel, at least 5 Senate seats were STOLEN from the Republican party.

If this is true, then that means that the Republicans would have at least a 55-45 control in the Senate.

Keshel made the claims on War Room at the Symposium.

You can watch Keshel’s analysis on Rumble:

Don’t forget…

Seth Keshel is a highly respected veteran.

More specifically, he worked in military intelligence.

And he is an elections expert who accurately predicted ALL 50 states in the 2016 election.

In case you missed it, here’s his previous appearance on the War Room, where he shows how military intelligence proves the election was stolen.

You can watch the previous clip on Rumble as well.

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