Real Talk News - Sidney Powell recently gave an in-depth interview where she opened up and debunked several rumors started by Simon Parkes. In my next video, I will go further into detail about that.In todays video we are going to discuss Sidney Powells latest interview, more election fraud arrests, a new bombshell report out of Nevada and the Election reform bill passed by Georgia.Sidney Powell gave an explosive interview yesterday and touched on many important issues surrounding the election fraud cases that have been filed since the travesty on November 3rd.

In Sidney Powell’s interview she stressed the importance of going back to paper ballot voting and most Americans agree.

She also explained that the reason she distanced herself from the Trump team early on was because she said it became apparent and I quote “it became apparent, within the first 5 minutes that his legal team were unwilling to discuss the machines at all”.

She said she didn’t know why that was but did say that she believes that the president had nearly zero allies in the white house, and that all of his closest advisors, including the White House counsels office, lamented and despised the Americans that voted trump into office.
When Sidney was pressed about if we have reached the end of the election fraud road, she said that her team would be filing more cases in the days coming in key swing states, and she said it would become extremely clear what needs to be done to correct the issues of the November 3rd election, that according to polls, up to 75% of the electorate believe that fraud took place.

She was also asked if it would be the Biden administration, the FBI, the Justice department or the military that would intervene if that time came, and her silence was deafening. It sure looks like she stopped herself from saying military. The mmmm..

Did it just look like I was about to say military? That’s exactly what it looked like when Sidney powell stopped herself from saying something…now I will leave it you to decide if she stopped herself from saying the word military, but in my humble opinion, it sure looked like it.

We all support Sidney Powell and appreciate her efforts and dedication to rooting out the fraud, as she has said, on both sides of the aisle, democrat and republican.

This may be why the Trump team was so opposed to talking about the machinery, because they know how deep the fraud runs, and it’s deep.
In related election fraud news,

According to the District Attorney’s office in Illinois, 5 people have been arrested and charged with Voter Fraud in relation to the November 3rd election.

These cases were mostly the “low hanging fruit” where people may have cast a ballot for someone else, and have been charged with one count of forgery and perjury

A judge on March 9 signed arrest warrants for the five suspects, and each person’s bail was set at $1,000.

But we all know, arresting the lone fraudsters that cast one ballot will not restore confidence in our election integrity, as a recent poll shows that around 90% of people believe that major election fraud has occurred, and it was on a much larger scale than anyone ever knew, with facts now coming out showing that in certain states, hundeds of thousands of ballots were either destroyed, proven fraudulent, or have turned up missing, completely contradicting the laws in place concerning the preservation of ballots after elections.

Last week, the mayor pro tem of a Northern California city resigned from office after pleading guilty to election fraud charges after being busted making a false declaration of candidacy.

And in Nevada, it has just been revealed that over 90,000 absentee ballots were sent to the wrong addresses and bounced back, this is a huge increase when compared to past elections where only around 5,000 were sent back as undeliverable. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you mail out ballots to all voters carte blanche, but they knew that.

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Please Sign the Election Integrity Petition! This Isn't Right Wing Propaganda! It's America Saving Truth for the Greater Good of All!

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