Biden Is Not My President... Or Yours... Or His...

Biden Lost! YOU Wear a Mask! Don't Shut Up! We Believe In Free Speech!

Has the lack of oxygen from pointless COVID masking finally got to him? 

Facemasks Don't Work: Experts Speak Out! 

Or is it the Dementia? 

TRUMP WINS! Poll Shows Majority of Voters Believe Biden in Early Stages of Dementia!!! 

Here's a twist! His improper mask use is not a cry for breath, but an intentional blind fold to shield him from stolen election proof...

Dementia ID tags are a dead giveaway so I'm guessing the shirt is kept on underneath incase he needs to remember his name. He got that right when he ordered it at least! But it wasn't an executive order, just a mistake. Just like like the rest of his record setting dictates. 

Biden quite literally is not yours, his, or anybody's president. He a resident not a president. He was selected not elected. And you must be willfully blind to not see it.


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