Please Sign the Election Integrity Petition! This Isn't Right Wing Propaganda! It's America Saving Truth for the Greater Good of All!

We the undersigned believe the evidence at warrents an extreme overhaul of the US election system.

We call for an end to electronic voting, in favor of publicly verifiable paper trails. OR new electronic systems where each voter receives dual copies of a printed paper receipt of their choices and accompanying personal info to review. Upon doing so, the voters then place said paper trails in heavily guarded and constantly publicly viewed in person, as well as remotely online, lockboxes. They then take the other receipt home with the option of uploading online. The results on the ground can then be trusted to an incalculable degree more and even scrutinized online publicly for veracity by involved individuals or citizen formed audit committees.


We encourage you to include a personal statement if you are able and send your first name and at least the initial of your last name, preferably both in full.  Also, kindly provide your state of residence, at minimum, and city if you so choose to: For maximum impact, we will monitor other such petitions online and create a document with combined support numbers to be mailed to all politicians and posted publicly. 

To support this project please make a small one time donation to:

Other Petitions:

PETITION: Go back to paper ballots only #BackToTheBallot - Resident Biden should sign the petition based on past statements


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