Differing Opinions on Dominion and Eric Coomer's Defamation Lawsuit... But All Agree the Election was Stolen!

Linda Maskus
Robert, I'm not a powell/lin follower but I absolutely believe this election is being stolen! 

Russell Steen
I just don't think Barnes has looked into this carefully enough, and is relying on sources that are not digging down far enough. First, please go look for yourself into Joe Oltmann before this huge bit of opinion about what he has stated or you are the one embarrassing yourself. You admit you know nothing, THEN go ahead and offer an opinion? He has been banned on Twitter which is almost certainly "justified" by this lawsuit. Take a close look at exactly what Joe Oltmann has said and not the telephone game crap from multiple repeated internet and media sources. If I can learn plenty of irrefutable information about Dominion that casts serious doubt about those running this company, why is Barns so eager to to carry the "nothing to see here" narrative? I have lost a ton of respect for the both of you. Look first, then opine. Just saying.

Mr Bubble
If these people were as smart as Barnes seems to think they are he would not be talking about it because we would not have found shit out. They absolutely are stupid enough to record themselves being stupid. 

Jordan Nemelka 
Hey Viva, he mentioned that Dominion Voting can’t be the problem because Trump performed well in many counties that used Dominion. But the claim isn’t that every dominion voting machine was algorithmically assigning voting, but rather that dominion had the capability of doing this and was doing this in specific counties in specific states. 

Similarly as an analogy for his argument, if there’s a claim that a Bank is laundering money through some its branches, it’s a weak argument to cite that 80% of their branches don’t show any signs of money laundering, so it can’t be from their branches.

As an analogy for the dominion claim, it would be akin to a company that produces locks for ballot boxes has a master key system built in. Sure the lock boxes can work fine for people who don’t have the master key, but this master key system was exploited to achieve the claims of fraud. 

Salt Shaker E. Coast division 
Id be curious what Barnes thinks of yesterday's GA hearing. If he's still not willing to admit those machines are a issue, im not sure how much stock id put in his commentary.

The most likely avenue of stolen election is in the changes to the voting system: mail-in ballots. To the extent that Dominion is possibly involved is going to be the ability to use administrative tools within it to help incorporate the fraud of mail-in ballots.  

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are not "state actors" they just seem to be barking up the wrong tree. The grandiose claims don't have substantive evidence to back the claims. That's not to suggest there is no evidence, but that the evidence points elsewhere.

What we have evidence of are things like ballot harvesting, ballot buying, ballot coercion, ballot tampering, and ballot fraud. Some of these, mind you, were actually made legal or arguably legal in rule changes this year. 

Would that change anything?

President Elect Agent Smith @Diana Stokes-Harmon Coomer being ANTIFA a anti Trumper and anti American would change a lot, don't take my word for it's literally on his facebook page ==> Michelle Malkin - MalkinLive: Election update - Joe Oltmann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh1X4s9HuLo Revolution Network - Everything Voting and Special Guest Joe Oltmann! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FTw8qwaVAM

paul lordi 
Hey Barnes why don’t you take a look at the dominion guys own comments that he made when he was part of antifa 

Eddie Meltzer 
antifa has actually used zoom before,so... 

Mr Bubble 
If these people were as smart as Barnes seems to think they are he would not be talking about it because we would not have found shit out. They absolutely are stupid enough to record themselves being stupid. 

Holly Perrin 3 days ago I don't understand Barnes's instincts about important people never getting sloppy. Why would Jeffrey Toobin start whacking it on a Zoom call with colleagues? Why would hunter Biden drop off an incriminating laptop and forget to pick it up? These people are operating from a place that is so illogical to those of us who suffer consequences for our misdeeds. So, I'm just waiting to see what comes out. Why dismiss things to readily? Especially in the face of evidence. I have no conclusion, but I have gathered several videos concerning the Nashville explosion. Before we let the media smear another innocent person, why not take a look? It appears that the blast DID NOT come from his RV and that the audio warning was possibly being broadcast through the smart systems in the traffic lights. Don't take my word for it.

He is falling for the TOP MEN fallacy

Chad Kent

Kris B @Chad Kent
I'm just wondering why you didn't post a relevant link? The one you posted is Q/Flynn stuff and it doesn't look reputable at all. And the sources it links too are worse. Why not post the link to the legal documents showing the sale of Smartmatic resources to Dominion? Or the statistical breakdowns that retute Barnes uncited claims?

Chad Kent @Matt Hayes 
Care to substantiate or even explain? An assertion is neither. 

Obviously my citation relates more to Barnes speaking on Flynn, Psy Ops, Q, ect. He spent much of the video speaking on this, inaccurately. Which is the point, he speaks authoritatively without knowing the basics on topic. This calls into question his command of facts generally including on voting. l

Linda Maskus 
I disagree with barnes about sidney. Having read her book License to Lie! I don't think she's as stupid as barnes claims!

rawb fish 
Saying that Sydney Powell is saying that Dominion was started by Hugo Chavez is incorrect. She said that it was started by two Venezuelan's who knew Chavez. This 2006 CNN supports the idea that Smart magic is owned by Venezuelans. I don't think this is as far fetched as Barnes makes it out to be. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kSRzGIOkTH0

Alvin Dudd 
Will it hurt Dominion's case in that they never filed against a dem or major media outlet when those two were bashing Dominion a few years back?

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