White Hat Hackers Have It All, This Is Not An Election, It’s A Sting Operation (X22 Report)

The [DS]/MSM [e] fraud playbook was already known by the patriots. The playbook was laid out for all of us to see. Now the fraud is being presented, the first stage is to drip the first part of the evidence. The next stage will be to present the hard facts and the final stage will show that these people [knowingly] committed a crime. Then and only then will the agency that oversees election integrity get involved. This is one of the biggest sting operations the world has ever seen. Panic everywhere.

I don't know if this sting operation claim is true. Certainly the evidence of fraud presented here is true. The big question is whether there is a coordinated effort to clean up all the corruption.

At the very least, EVERYONE looking at this freely available material can see the massive vote fraud that occurred.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 8, 2020.]

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