"We Are At War" - Leigh Dundas On Cyberwarfare and the Presidential Election [and the Insurrection Act] MUST SEE CLIP

The above clip came out on December 9th before the Supreme Court rejected the Texas Lawsuit. Nevertheless Leigh Dundas covers various options outside of the SCOTUS decision that can still overturn the election result. Leigh had already reported, in the last month or so, on the Trump Executive Order concerning election interference as a National Security issue. Here she reports on the Insurrection Act that can be enacted if a State requests help or if the President sees an issue where citizens are deprived of their rights under the Constitution (such as being deprived of their right to vote). This would be where the State and Courts clearly fail to do their duty under the Constitution to redress obvious injustices. Trump would need to provide evidence to back any action - the mountains of evidence that ordinary people have seen through numerous State hearings and ignored by State and Federal Supreme Courts. 


LEIGH DUNDAS: Trump Could Overturn Election Results Through Executive Order

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