Trump Witness Melissa Carone Proven Correct by Michigan Attorney General Charging Dem Official (HA Goodman)

HA Goodman points out that the Democrats and media have two standards of evidence when it comes to evaluating evidence. The Russiagate hoax being the prime example. They also ignore that the Democrats were caught cheating Bernie Sanders. The hypocrisy is obvious. It's because they are heinously protecting a corrupt establishment. Trump was supposed to lose, but he didn't and many people want him gone (establishment types and masses of people brainwashed by the MSM).

Below is Melissa Carone's full testimony that the media is lampooning. Judge her for yourself. The bottom line is she's made out an affidavit and there are other witnesses to back up what she saw. Even if some of what she says turns out to be incorrect, or even a lie, there's a mountain of other evidence, including statistical analyses, and witnesses to industrial scale fraud:

Melissa Carone, dominion subcontractor, strikes again at Michigan House Hearing (2 Dec 2020)

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