Pennsylvania’s Own Election Data Ported Straight From The Government Site Allegedly Found 191,725 Ballot Records Were Edited Or Fixed AFTER Election Day

New allegations surfaced about the presidential elections in Pennsylvania. Allegedly Pennsylvania’s own election data ported straight from the government site found 191,725 ballot records were edited or fixed AFTER election day. Many of these ballots were absentee ballots with multiple sent dates that changed month-over-month as the data was “updated.” Initially, thousands of ballots had impossible and improbable send dates, but it appears those numbers were just a drop in the bucket.

According to Here Is The Evidence:

As laid out in the Texas lawsuit, Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot anomalies at 118,426 affected ballots. The anomalies from this December 16th data shows include:

161,774 records have alterations
128,969 were Returned Dates changes.
13,450 ballots have been deleted since Nov 3rd.
10,415 Return Date with no Mail Date
5,052 Applications Returned after Ballot Mailed
1,034 Applications Approved after Application Returned
Totaling: 191,725 mail-in ballots affected by alterations, illegality, or anomalies.

In Pennsylvania’s response to the Texas lawsuit, they did not address the mail-in ballot anomalies.

On the article’s page, they have the archived datasets and Wayback Machine pages where they are still observable. The data comes straight from the Pennsylvania government’s own website, meaning it isn’t fake or altered data

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