BREAKING: Texas Files Lawsuit Asks SCOTUS To Block 4 States From Participating in Electoral College (Ben Swann)

BREAKING: Texas Files Lawsuit Asks SCOTUS To Block Four States From Participating in Electoral College based on the fact that these states did not follow their own state laws for Presidential election, including Pennsylvania's and Georgia's refusal to verify signatures on mail-in ballots as was required by state laws.

It seems pretty obvious that Laws were violated here, and that there are clear signs of rigging. To do nothing would be a miscarriage of Justice and leave things open for these shenanigans to continue. Also, if nothing is done then SCOTUS may find itself under attack with the appointment of additional Justices if Biden's team 'wins' office. This situation must be corrected immediately. SCOTUS should strike down the mail-in ballots, or have the State Legislatures appoint electors, or demand a re-running of the election (throughout the entire country?) with hand counting, in the open, that is filmed (with no mail-in ballots).


ALITO & Pennsylvania, FACEBOOK fact checkers are liars, Texas SUES (The Duran)

Texas Takes Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin to Supreme Court Giving Trump Huge Victory (HA Goodman)

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