Riddle me this DemonRat man! A Poem About Trump's Civil War Plan + BREAKING CLAIM: Supreme Court Prepares To Certify Trump Re-election + Great Reset In The Crosshairs

Riddle me this DemonRat man! Did Trump file 320 lawsuits in 45 states that subverted election protection oriented safeguards across the nation, including ones in defiance of State Legislators and the Constitution that prohibit such actions? Did he take this action to put in place an untested mail in system that similar ones worldwide were largely regarded as unsecure and conducive to and rife with fraud.

Did Trump go back in time and make Democrat President Jimmy Carter conclude the same? Admittedly, Trump bringing light to the issue did influence Carter suddenly flip flopping on the issue that he once had intensely studied and concretely warned against, apparently to run cover for his exposed fellow Democrat ones. Was it USPS overlord Trump that gave orders to commit voter fraud by backdated ballots, leading to 3 whistleblowers coming forward? Was POTUS the one who instructed FEDS to engage in hostile coercive interrogation one of these employees or was bad orange man cheeto literally Hitler Drumpf only at fault for directing media to blatantly lie about a recanting that never occurred according to said worker? 

Surely, Trump was the SNAFU wizard that left: Swing State Voters Enraged By Voting System ‘Irregularities’ - Contrary To the Lamestream Media Narrative the Irregularities Were Inordinately Large And All Historical Norms That Reliably Predict The Winner As Well As A Trusted Mathematical Method That Indicates Fraud Purportedly All Massively Failed At Once By Chance And Not Design. If design was afoot, 45 is eyed as suspects number 1 through 45, at minimum. 

do·min·ion (də-mĭn′yən) n. 1. Control or the exercise of control; sovereignty: "The devil ... has their souls in his possession, and under his dominion" (Jonathan Edwards). 2. A territory or sphere of influence or control; a realm. 3. often Dominion A self-governing nation under the nominal rule of the British monarch. 4. dominions Christianity See domination.

Surely, Trump dominated and exercised control of what players were behind the scenes of this keeper of public trust that safeguards our elections that big tech brother says are robust. SOROS DOMINION CONNECTION, INADVERTENT FRAUD ADMISSION, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, AND STRANGE BEHAVIOR... WHY NOT ALLOW THEM TO USE SYSTEMS SEEMINGLY DESIGNED FOR UNDETECTABLE FRAUD!? Top Dominion employees that brag to fellow ANTIFA members they f-ing made sure Trump would lose, and deep connections to Democrats on the Biden transition team, the Obama Admin, and on and on are certainly spot on for something Trump would want. Donating to the Clinton Foundation only further illustrates the point, after all Trump was pictured with the Clintons in the past and met them in passing as he admittedly paid them off to keep their dirty government mitts off his business costs. 

Trump blocked windows of polling locations, Trump kept observers from having any at all or at least meaningful access to ballots counted, ensuring no improper ballots could be contested and tossed. And it's Trump that commanded the counting stop in the key states that were a historical lock for him and a Biden loss. Until in the dead of the night, perfectly filled out Biden ballots made up for the gap of the loss that was not secretly tossed aside, to ensure no one could calculate a specific number needed for fraud. Wagons, coolers (for camera equipment, DRINKS is better excuse, dimwits), and trucks and big ballot dumps that looked shady as fuck to the honest people left in the centers, who say massive stacks all for Biden and nothing for Trump. This is all on POTUS, afterall he showed us all the accounts of those who saw shady ballot drops that reportedly chilled them to the bone like dealing with drug dealers. Rescans of the same votes time and time again. Democrats on video screaming coup, this is my party but this is not shit I can't do! You know who else knew? Former Democrat mayor Rod Blagojevich too! He said we always steal elections like this, it's just what we do! But never this bad, I feel bad enough to tell you all it's a screw, job, thank you Rod! Sworn affidavits of such things in droves and droves, but the media said there's no evidence, so, Trump didn't fall in line. This is the path HE CHOSE. Trump could have shut up like a good RINO and just not let us know! Look at the drama he's caused by not just enjoying the political theater, world wrestling show!

He's starting a civil war the TDS crowd knows!!! The facts and the logic is just common sense you dumb Trump bot clones. Now the first recount is closed, now let us explain why that matters for you REAL SLOW... No!!! I'll reverse your proof that all is well in the now more divided states that you chose to let be stolen from under your nose!

If a NFL team scores from cheating what good is it to re-tally up the score? Keeping refs away from the replay screen. Shady indeed. How does one recount ballots tossed in the trash? What good is a count when signatures can't be matched? Electronic vote flips still get cast.

No need to go beyond with evidence that's just scratching the surface. Because you'll just persist to say it doesn't exist and you'll do it on purpose. HCQ works but ya jerks killed people, you're as worthless as your reliance on masks over treatments that are working. It's all BS, many of you must be in the know and tricking the slow kids. The CIA claims of involvement are depraved you say, you're jackasses are showing, you clown shoes fools, yes they're the most honest of brokers! Political power does not excuse your disturbing crimes that in time will leave you with what you're deserving.

Deep State in total panic as Trump campaign confirms massive Democrat election fraud.

In this 2+ hour must-see Emergency Saturday Report, Alex Jones lays out the historic developments taking place and MSM’s attempt to suppress it.


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