DEBUNKED CLAIM: Republicans caught conspiring to commit mass election fraud in Pennsylvania - Trump Haters and Hyper-Partisan Dems Are The Ones Being Willfully Blind

The PA law in question is part of the fraud! It (and many similar others in multiple states) was changed, IN VIOLATION OF EXISTING LAW, by fiat just prior to the election by the PA supreme court who has no constitutional authority to do so! That duty falls solely and explicitly on the legislature. Leftits filed 320 lawsuits in 45 states to subvert long existing election integrity laws. It is pure unadulterated BS spin like this that is misinforming rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome suffers all across social media into thinking efforts to stop the steal are actually efforts to engage in it. I was called willfully blind for getting this issue 100% correct as opposed to ass backwards by a feverishly righteous old friend. "Willfully blind" questions my critical thinking skills and paints me as a leaping lemur off the cliff. Sorry, the media has convinced you to project the traits their lies have instilled in you upon me. This is a common sentiment, or better yet, understanding, among informed Trump supporters.

Sad. You people look like fools to those of us who know better. AND It's not what you do it's how you do it. Be a little bit more skeptical of your own knowledge and be a lot nicer. Then broaden your horizons of information intake, instead of falling victim to confirmation bias via liars preying on your hatred of Trump's personality, that you likely formed your view of early on due to out of context clips out outright fabrications. I've seen that general policy knowledge and that of 45's achievements are also quite lacking by these ilk. But I digress. All of that said truth about POTUS can be found by digging in HERE. The factual backup for my summation of the inaccuracy of the piece can be heard and seen in living color in this presentation by a legal expert, which I've added visual aides to, some of which surely are not 100% accurate on some related issues, but the PA and related lawsuits by Democrats that were illegal and marjory compromised election integrity is not a debatable issue... 

When Neocons and RINOs ruled the GOP I voted for the left wing choice for POTUS, from the time of Gore through two Obama terms. I stand with whoever (who can actually win) seemingly offers the most freedom, least war and corruption. The Obama years are certainly the most questionable (among them all) in that regard concerning my voting choices, but the Trump years were without doubt the best embodiment of those values I sought, plus a bonus of other issues I always hated from the Dems such as abortion, 2A, etc. The left of today, however, is authoritarian beyond past imagination. I fought GOP election fraud when it was rampant then and now I'm fighting the 2020 Dem tsunami. Party affiliation is fickle, as moral grounding and ideology are somewhat fluid as to which side it lands on, when corruption and grifters abound and infiltrate and lie about their true beliefs and intentions. And the media is your number 1 enemy, it's so very, very, true. They always were, but now they are as extreme as the party they evolved along with and as a mouthpiece for. Here's praying the truth finds you, friend, and all others like you.


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