BOMBSHELL! PA GOP To Seat Pro-Trump ELECTORS as Sidney Powell RELEASES THE KRAKEN!!! - The TIDE HAS TURNED! The Biden Vote FRAUD Is About to IMPLODE!!! - Releasing the Kraken to Stop the Steal!!!

BREAKING HUGE: Pennsylvania Judge Rules 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors!

Math and teaching are my two greatest skills in life, so let me explain this clear enough so that your avg low-IQ leftist can understand.

Unnatural spikes in the middle of the night after the election, totaled 570,000 votes for Biden and 3,200 votes for Trump. That means that only .5% (half of one percent) of the mail in ballots entered into the system in the middle of the night were for Trump. 99.5% for Biden. Prior to the election, 20% of Republicans claimed they were going to vote using mail-in ballots (not zero % as some of these pathological lying commie leftists are claiming). About 40% of republicans nationally (twice the number) ended up voting using mail-in ballots. 40% is 80 times more than half of one percent. This is 100% evidence of fraud. It's as evidence as it gets. Math is always the best evidence. And in reality, many of those democrats would have changed their mail-in votes last second to Trump as a result of his final debate, when many of them realized that the media lied to them all these years and that Trump is the opposite of racist. I'm in a democrat county in PA where white people are a minority. Never once saw ONE Trump sign here in the last 4 years. I could never wear a Trump hat around where I live. The day after the final debate, there were hundreds of Trump signs everywhere, and people were all the sudden wearing Trump hats overnight. They knew it was finally safe. I was expecting the majority of last minute mail-in ballots to be for Trump, but these treasonous criminal governors, attorney generals and major city poll workers clearly switched the votes last minute. When these spikes contain 80 times fewer votes for Trump than was mathematically expected, that means there's evidence of WIDE-SPREAD fraud. And even if it wasn't as massive as the math proves it is, where there's smoke there's fire. It's at the very least enough to force a national investigation/audit of which the entire globalist scheme would be uncovered. Commies can't math and therefore that evidence isn't "good enough for them". That's not our problem. The Supreme Court isn't gonna care about the opinions of a bunch of sub-70 IQ morons who can't do basic math. Imagine how many Trump votes in total were destroyed or switched over to Biden. My guess is the real number of Trump votes in this election was at least 85-90 million. Many of us knew for decades that the fraud was in. We knew that they tried to rig it in 2016 but they never anticipated so many people would come out for Trump. And in this election that number was even bigger so they were forced to get sloppy. If they get away with this steal, they will make sure no election is secure again. They will put on a phony investigation and have fake reform to give us the impression that it has been fixed, but it won't be fixed. It will only get easier to cheat. If they let them steal this, then the enthusiasm for Trump voters will be destroyed. Many of them will not go out to vote in Georgia in the coming months and many of us will never vote again. All of those republicans currently throwing Trump under the bus, will be out of office in 2-6 years. Trump will not be a "kingmaker" if they succeed in the steal because anyone Trump picks in the future, will be cheated out of an election just as Trump was. Our country will quickly fall to communism if they complete the steal and I quite frankly won't care. At that point I failed. At that point we all failed. At that point our time on Earth will be tremendously cut short. At that point we should make our peace with God and prepare to leave this world. We're all dead/enslaved at that point if they get away with this steal. That's just how it is. Sounds gloomy but that's reality. Alex Jones was right all these years about what they have planned for us, regardless if your avg low-IQ person (on the left AND right) was too distracted by low-IQ televised sports to bother to notice. Televised sports was more important for them than geopolitics and world/US history. I'm fine with however this outcome plays out. If we fail, we deserved to fail and if we succeed, we deserved to succeed. It's in God's hands now. I'm optimistic that Trump will prevail simply for the fact that he has won every battle he was faced with so far. Every time I start to lose faith, he proves me wrong again. He truly does seem to be protected and guided from above. He made it this far so I can't see him failing now. It's not really optimism, I'm just acknowledging and embracing the pattern. I'm loving his confidence. I'm loving the thousand plus witnesses so far who are willing to testify under oath. I'm loving our chances right now, but I am also prepared for anything. If Rudy and his team prevails, this will be the true beginning of Trump's promise that he would "drain the swamp". And if Rudy prevails, he will definitely one day be president of the USA. If Rudy prevails, Trump will be president for the next 8 years (amendment will be created just for Trump) and then Rudy should be president for 8 years. After Rudy, Don JR and then maybe Ivanka if she grows a spine and stops kissing globalist/leftist ass. I have no problem with a Trump Dynasty. They will have single-handedly won us our Second American Revolution so it will be the least that they deserve. This is our nation's greatest challenge and it's no coincidence that in 6 years our country will celebrate its 250th birthday. I have a feeling it's going to be the greatest celebration this world has ever seen, especially after Trump's "1776 commission" plays out. People are about to learn the real history of our country and world and when they do, they will finally know why this is the greatest country to have ever existed on this planet if they don't already know. #stopthesteal

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