A Short Explanation of the US Election Fraud - There is Evidence and the Media is Lying

Some people, who are not synced with alternative media sources, might be wondering about the US election - whether Trump's refusal to concede is based on anything real. Some might have already (gradually) worked out that there's more going on than what the media portrays. The central pillar for objecting to the result standings as they appear now is that it is illegal to engage in blackbox counting where ballots are tallied by only one side in an election.

Combined with this are other public record indicators of fraud such as instances of near to, or more than, 100% of votes counted for all eligible voters in a single area; statistically impossible or near impossible features in the tally updates (with tens of thousands of votes going to only one candidate, with almost nothing for the other candidate, plus massive tally updates that are way out of line compared to other non-swing states); where we see unjustifiable delays in the counting process; where we find the mass use (misuse) of vulnerable mail-in ballots; where we find the use of hackable and internet connected tabulators etc. Many of these indicators were outlined in a BBC article from 2016 that outlined signs of vote rigging in Africa (ie the items listed here are an objective assessment of fraud).

The media is claiming that everything is above board. But is the media being truthful or are they lying?

It's a good idea to review the material provided in the legal filings, in public hearings, and other collected works to determine who is right here. The media has said there was/is no evidence of fraud but this appears to be an exercise in semantics - there is no court proven evidence, but plenty of testimony and statistical data to show there was. If this were a foreign country outside observers would never condone the results (going by previous standards of evidence).  

At the end of the day, if it is found that the case for fraud is strong, the swing states will likely switch to Trump via court action or through State Legislatures taking control of the process (taking away the power from election officials). That's what's going as far as I can tell.

Note: All sides do engage in various acts of fraud (it's just the scale of things this time around, and getting busted that is different)...

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